Overseas Expansion Project
The Overseas Expansion Project is the world's first matching platform aimed at facilitating the expansion of Japanese businesses into Asia by connecting established and small to medium-sized enterprises in Japan with various Asian countries. Entrust us with everything from initiating negotiations to import support. Would you consider launching a Japanese food business in your country?

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Discover Japanese masterpieces you haven't seen yet.

In Japan, we boast a rich legacy of historic businesses and local small and medium-sized enterprises with a rich history.
Approximately 420 ten thousand such companies enrich our nation.
"Among them, there are products that will surely gain global recognition in the future."
We aim to select and promote the best 100 companies and products from among them to the world.
Why not bring these exceptional Japanese products to your homeland?


What is FB management?

Since our establishment in 2014, we have primarily focused on providing a variety of solution supports tailored to Japan's long-established businesses and regional small and medium-sized enterprises.
Small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan are currently facing significant challenges. It is predicted that more than one million companies, which have supported Japan until now, will be forced to go out of business by 2025, marking an era of “mass business closures”.
To mitigate the number of such businesses even by one, we offer success strategies based on proven results. By continuously facilitating business succession that ensures a smooth transition to successors, we believe it will not only benefit the Japanese economy but also lead to the growth of our company.

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Our Support Services

You can find many products at just one window.

Discover a multitude of products through a single portal.
Across Japan, we act as specialized consultants, boasting an extensive professional network. Through our FB Management interface, we facilitate partnerships with a diverse range of companies. We're committed to connecting you with enterprises tailored to your specific needs.

Intermediation between customers and companies.

Bridging the gap between customers and companies.
In Japan, established businesses and small to medium enterprises often struggle to expand abroad due to language barriers. Many of these companies lack personnel proficient in the necessary languages. FB Management steps in to bridge the gap between clients and businesses, ensuring smooth communication.

Building a Sustainable Business.

Securing revenue streams across diverse regions ensures the sustainability of a business.
By diversifying regional risks and ensuring stable income, companies can establish a more secure position. Promoting Japan's exceptional products overseas through digital advertising to connect with numerous international buyers presents various opportunities for industries worldwide.