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Uwakai in Ehime is known as rich of seafood. Three Lines Corporation has been land-based aquaculture Suji Ao Nori " Kinu Ao Nori " which is the most delicious which is from Uwakai seawater has been nutrients and mineral well melts into it. It is limited while Its harvest time is from winter to spring season, we work on to the sixth industrial what is seed production, aquaculture, processing and sales distribution. We put the system in order what are able to ship high quality Suji-Ao Nori with rich nutrition all year round. It is good reputation by professional in food-associated because No food additives “ Kinu Ao Nori” has a rich ocean scent and it is without unpleasant. By using it, we have developed multiple collaboration commodities with Restaurants, Japanese and Western confectionery stores. We aim for expanding sales market by leveraging our advantages that we are able to handle your precise needs because we make it by handwork whole process for small lot and adjusting seasoning.

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Although it can be difficult to find products that meet the standards of being 'Made in Japan, reliable, and having a pleasant taste', this product has achieved all three, as well as being vegan certified. 'Kinu Ao Nori' has been certified by the Public Utility Organization. By absorbing nutrients from the sea and growing through photosynthesis, "Kinu Ao Nori" is produced through Aquaculture method of assembling well seawater from underground water veins. There is an extremely few amount of contamination due to natural filtration through bedrock, and water vein is apart sea cretures, but you can safely and reliably enjoy it as a crustacean allergy free food. An enriching nutritial Suji Ao Nori is plentey of variations can be used Japanese, Western and Chinese food and sweets and baby food besides mixing and kneading raw material is enough to say that a nutritial sea supplement. It can make an ordinary dish special with its rich flavor and the smell of the sea.



Shines like a silk thread during harvesting 'Kinu Ao Nori'. The texture is melted, once you start with dried aonori seaweed sprinkle on just-cooked steamed rice you can't stop eating. We offer four types of raw nori seaweed products: hand-rubbed nori seaweed, powder, and fine powder. This allows you to choose the product that best suits your needs for cooking, such as in gratins and stews. Adding a pinch of nori seaweed can enhance the savory flavor of home-cooked meals. This tip has been widely adopted across different age groups. Additionally, the use of hand-made plate-shaped Washi paper style for wrapping Onigiri has become increasingly popular. This long-established sweet shop and gelato specialty store develop their products with it. The silky, fluffy texture of their products complements both Japanese and Western sweets.




Certified Vegan Ingredients


Shellfish Allergy


'Made in Japan, reliable, and having a pleasant taste', this product has achieved all three


'Kinu Ao Nori' is enjoyed for its aroma, which includes a fresh ocean scent and rich natural minerals. It pairs well with fermented milk products and eggs, and can enhance the flavor of Italian and French dishes that use cheese and butter. The taste is rich and satisfying. The addition can enhance the flavor of dishes such as cream pasta and risotto, as well as sweets like ice cream, chocolate cake, and rare cheesecake. The subtle saltiness and high-quality matcha aroma can complement the milk and create a harmonious taste. The Italian restaurant chef that difficult to reserve and the official residence chef both agree that the excellent Suji Ao Nori dish pairs well with many different kinds of food.


Our products

Kinu Ao Nori ( Silk Green Seaweed ) Hand-rubbed Nori

It is perfect to quickly add the ocean smell and color coordination of Kinu Ao Nori while making the most of its attractiveness. the raw seaweed by loosening it 3-5 cm. One bag contains 3g of product. Despite having the same weight as common powder, it has a better appearance. It is shellfish allergy free rare in seaweed.

Kinu Ao Nori ( Silk Green Seaweed ) Powder

It is common Ao Nori powder. Feel free to sprinkle on many kinds of dishes. It is shellfish allergy free rare in seaweed.

Kinu Ao Nori ( Silk Green Seaweed ) Fine powder

It is made more into powder from Ao Nori powder. It can be absorbed nutrition because of fine powder, so that easily drink and can be used for baby food and nursing care food. Also if you put it into dough, it will be vivid green. * We received one comment when it was baked, saying it looked more green than Maccha. It is shellfish allergy free rare in seaweed.

Kinu Ao Nori ( Silk Green Seaweed ) Japanese paper style (8 slices 8 sheets)

We tried to produce like a Japanese handmade paper by using our Ao Nori grown with extra care. Just try to have salt onigiri with rolled it simply!! It is good to make use of rolling, laying and putting on the meals, also make use of pretty see through. It is pretty Ao Nori and can be arranged pleasantly. It is shellfish allergy free rare in seaweed.

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    Company name Three Lines Corporation
    Represidentative Michiko Yamauchi
    Head office 2852 Yusu, Uwajima, Ehime 798-0103
    Established 2016, September, 1st.