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In order to be a partner for local companies with a desire to grow, we maintain both our professional skills and a "heart" that seriously considers our customers, and we grow together with our customers.

Since our founding in 2014, our main business has been to provide solution support from a variety of angles, specializing in local companies with growth aspirations.What I learned while working to support hundreds of local companies with a desire to grow.This means that strengthening [business model x organizational management x system creation x sales expansion] will lead to the evolution of the management of local companies with growth ambitions.

Therefore, we have summarized these elements into 50 principles and visualized know-how for reproducible business growth. In the era of "big business closures," where it is said that 1.27 million companies are at risk of going out of business by 2025, our know-how will lead to the evolution of the management of local companies with growth ambitions, and we hope that as many companies as possible will be able to secure successors with confidence. We are confident that by continuing to create business succession plans that can be passed on to others, we will lead to the growth of our group.

Kazuho Yamada


Evolving the management of local companies
with growth ambitions


In 2030, we aim to have a group of
20 companies and 1,000 employees.
Build a long-established corporate platform with three axes: multi-pillar management x global x business


Commercial support

Our support is different from general consulting that provides advice and reviews. We provide our customers with the know-how we have gained through our own business practices.

Creativity and innovation

While inheriting the important culture, technology, and thinking of Japanese companies, we leverage the latest information and networks from Tokyo and Asia to bring creativity and innovation to local managers.

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  • Lin Yusen

    Lin Yusen

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    Atsuki Tomatsu

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Company name FB management Co., Ltd.
Represidentative Kazuho Yamada
Head office 7-16 Kodenmacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0001, Japan
Established 2014