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Nakamura Corporation is dedicated to providing delicious meats from Kyushu, including the finest quality branded Japanese beef, as well as chicken, duck, and pork to all customers nationwide. Nakamura Butcher Shop was founded in 1953 in the coal mining-developed town of Iizuka in Fukuoka Prefecture. While focusing on meat processing and OEM manufacturing, we aim for global expansion through the development of our 'Original Curry,' all the while firmly upholding the trust and safety in food that has been passed down. Utilizing the knowledge and unique technology accumulated over years of OEM manufacturing, our company's curry development breaks free from conventional thinking in terms of flavor, consumption, and even shape. The appeal lies in its ability to meet the specifications suitable for various global food cultures. Our market extends beyond the United States and Europe to include regions such as the Middle East. We continuously explore new ways of enjoying food, creating yet-unseen value from an innovative perspective.

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The abundant selection of products we offer consists of high-quality meats that producers have meticulously raised with a focus on breeding methods. The premium meat quality and smoothly melting fat spread a rich flavor that can be savored with delight by simply 'grilling' or 'boiling.' The luxurious ingredients are not only appreciated in the products but also contribute to the development of new items by blending with unique technology. Our company, which has emphasized OEM manufacturing, has realized the taste sought by customers at a high level by designing products that fully reflect the goodness of the ingredients. Our retort curry, named 'Bakaka Curry,' was given its name based on feedback such as 'So delicious that it's "Baka" (insanely) good!' The spicy curry, using a handmade authentic pork bone soup instead of water, enhances the depth of the curry with the umami of aged meat, resulting in a rich and highly acclaimed flavor.


At our company, which operates an online store, we offer Kyushu-produced meats to customers nationwide. You can enjoy the richness of meats, such as sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and duck hot pot, with your loved ones. Many of our repeat customers are affluent individuals who appreciate the emphasis on quality ingredients. Our premium meats are highly regarded as gifts, known for their strong umami and richness. By combining knowledge about ingredients and production technology, we have successfully realized the taste desired by our customers, who are outsourcing companies in the OEM business, with high-level expertise. Our commitment to meticulous product development allows us to offer deliciousness, ranging from original retort curry to sauce development tailored to the unique characteristics of each meat. We spare no effort to ensure that the flavors and textures of regional ingredients are enjoyed to the fullest.



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With the aim of promoting Japanese curry around the world, we are currently developing unique curries that will be accepted in each region. The "new curry" created using our unique technology has an innovative shape that is the first of its kind not only in Japan but also in the world. The product has a special shape that locks in the flavor of any curry, and its biggest appeal is that it can be eaten at room temperature or heated. It is innovative in that it can be adapted to each country's food style, such as product design that does not contain animal protein or the ability to use only vegetables. Not only does it go well with rice, but you can also enjoy it by spreading it on bread. You can also enjoy Japanese curry made with a roux containing wheat flour in all countries.

Our products

Delicious tonkotsu-based curry Bacaca curry [Beef curry]

Nakamura Co., Ltd. proudly presents our retort curry! Using artisan-crafted 'Authentic Tonkotsu Soup' instead of water, our curry is packed with rich flavor and depth. It's a curry that combines the robust richness and umami of our carefully prepared tonkotsu and chicken bone broth, simmered with spices to create a smooth and flavorful experience.

Delicious tonkotsu-based curry Bacaca curry [pork curry]

Nakamura Co., Ltd. proudly presents our retort curry! Instead of water, we use plenty of artisan-crafted 'Authentic Tonkotsu Soup' to create a curry packed with rich flavor and depth. Based on a smooth and mellow pork bone and chicken bone broth, simmered with spices to achieve a flavorful experience

Delicious tonkotsu-based curry Bacaca curry [chicken curry]

Nakamura Co., Ltd. proudly presents our retort curry! We use plenty of artisan-made "authentic tonkotsu soup" instead of water, creating a curry packed with rich flavor and depth. It's a curry simmered in a mellow blend of pork bone and chicken broth, infused with spices for a flavorful experience. Our chicken curry features whole chicken wings for a hearty meal.

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    Company profile

    Company name Nakamura Co., Ltd.
    Represidentative Daikichi Nakamura
    Head office 76-1 Namazuda, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 820-0001,Japan
    Established December 1st 1986