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Musashi Winery is located in Ogawa Town in Hiki District, Saitama Prefecture is blessed with abundant clear streams and healthy soil engages in a natural approach to winemaking in one of Japan""s leading organic cultivation areas, contributing to the safety and security of food. In 2011, the winery began cultivating grapes by reclaiming abandoned and uncultivated land. Without using Bordeaux mixture or agricultural insecticides approved even in JAS organic certification, the winery has successfully cultivated grapes through soil preparation that maximizes the power of micro-organisms. With 11 fields, our company focuses on the ""Shokoshi"" brand, cultivating nine grape varieties including Merlot and Chardonnay. The terroir, fermented only with indigenous yeast, deeply influences the taste of the wine. Experience the "profound and rich flavor" derived from nature, with no added sugar or acid adjustments, allowing the authentic taste of the wine to shine.

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Musashi Winery's signature product, "Shokoshi," is a Japanese indigenous variety known for its high sugar content and rich acidity. We deliberately refrain from racking the wine after fermentation, allowing the lees to increase the umami as they break down into amino acids and polysaccharides. This results in an exceptionally smooth wine with a pleasant mouthfeel. The wine, infused with umami, not only beautifully covers sharp acidity but also, when paired with European grape varieties with lower acidity, expresses a fruity flavor reminiscent of berries. Inspired by feedback describing it as "scarily delicious wine" we named the series "Kowai Manju" (Shokoshi-Merlot Blend), featuring a vibrant and powerful aroma that evokes the fertile land, gaining popularity as a top-quality product. In addition, alongside our winemaking efforts, we also engage in the production of Junmai Daginjo sake using the Kimoto brewing method. Using the pristine waters of the Arakawa River system, one of Japan's finest rivers, we brew pure rice sake, specifically Junmai Daiginjo. The raw material rice, Isehikari, is organically cultivated, resulting in a sake with a well-rounded sweetness and a clean, smooth taste, showcasing a delightful umami.


Practicing the production of the ultimate natural wine, our winery creates wines that are gentle on the body and health-conscious, making them particularly recommended for those with an organic inclination. Many repeat customers are in their 40s and above, often choosing our wines for special occasions and celebrations. The rich and profound taste of our wines, crafted with abundant ingredients, pairs exceptionally well with Japanese cuisine. The marriage of flavors with soy sauce and miso in dishes like glazed mackerel or sukiyaki complements the wine perfectly. Upon opening, the wine releases a rich aroma that fills the air, adding to its allure. This bottle, tightly packed with the essence of "majestic nature," is perfect for enjoying special moments with loved ones and on significant occasions, creating a memorable and lasting wine experience.



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In 2023, our winery was honored with the Connoisseur Winery Award at the "Japan Winery Awards," a recognition bestowed upon wineries practicing high-quality craftsmanship. Although our winery is relatively young, and domestic recognition may be modest, we believe that once you have the opportunity to taste our wines, you will truly sense that "this is the real deal." Further high praise can be expected in the years beyond 2024. Crafted with meticulous care by human hands, our natural wines possess a rarity that cannot be achieved through mass production. In addition to their deliciousness, these wines represent a rare gem that genuinely pursues "food safety." Using the sur lie method, our red wines, rich in umami, beautifully complement meat dishes. The integrated tannins smooth out the richness of meat juices, catering to a wide range from lean meats to voluminous beef steaks. The deep, forest-like aroma and subtly sweet taste are ever-pleasing, making our wines suitable not only for special occasions but also for everyday enjoyment at home, be it during a home party or dinner.

Our products

Ogawa Shokoshi

This ultimate Japanese wine is crafted from the Japan's original grape variety "Shokoshi" and aged in Japanese oak barrels. In the winemaking process, nothing is added besides grapes. While many wineries resort to adding sugar (chaptalization) when grape sugar levels are insufficient, we voluntarily prohibit sugar additions in our proprietary wines, focusing on enhancing quality. Using the sur lie method, we extract umami, resulting in a wine with a smooth and pleasant acidity. While it is already enjoyable at present, it will continue to improve with age, becoming even more exquisite after 5 or 10 years.

Manju kowai / Manju nanmara kowai

This wine is made with a combination of the "Shokoshi" and a small amount of Merlot. "This wine is so delicious that it's scary!" It's named "Manju kowai" (from Japanese rakugo). While it can be enjoyed at lower temperatures than the "Shokoshi" wine alone, around 20°C is still recommended.

Aenohikari Junmai Daiginjo

The term "Junmai" is only allowed to be used for sake made exclusively from rice, rice koji, and water. In other words, it is pure sake with no brewing alcohol added. "Daiginjo" refers to sake for which the rice used in brewing has been polished to at least 50% of its original size. The more the rice is polished, the fewer unwanted components remain, resulting in a cleaner taste. This sake has been brewed with a rice polishing ratio of 50%. This sake, combining "Junmai" and "Daiginjo," represents one of the most luxurious methods of making sake.

Shokoshi Grape Juice 180ml

We have created grape juice using the juice of Shokoshi grapes specifically grown for winemaking. Of course, the grapes are cultivated without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, the ingredients consist solely of grapes. No additives are used whatsoever.

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    Company profile

    Company name Musashi Winery Co., Ltd.
    Represidentative Yuzo Fukushima
    Head office 104-1 Koya, Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture 355-0311,Japan
    Established January 2015