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KENSHO CO. LTD. manufactures original supplements intending to achieve 'true health' by combining the traditional Eastern medicine concept of 'Shokuyo' (nutritional therapy) with the latest advancements in chemistry. The development of our supplements began about 50 years ago, initiated by our predecessor, the former vice president who was a pharmacist. Currently, his daughter, Masako Minoura, has taken over. While she is an entrepreneur, she also holds a pharmacist's license and is advancing product development from her unique perspective. Adhering to the policy of “not breaking down ingredients, not adding unnecessary elements,” all raw materials used are pesticide-free and non-genetically modified, ensuring both safety and high effectiveness. Furthermore, the company accommodates OEM manufacturing from small batches, allowing for flexible designs in terms of specifications and packaging.

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Are you familiar with NATTO, the traditional superfood that originated in Japan? Natto (fermented soybeans) contains “natto bacteria” and a unique enzyme called “nattokinase” These components are associated with various health benefits, including hypertension prevention, blood-thinning effects, regulating intestinal organs, maintaining immune function, and supporting weight loss. What's remarkable is the rapid increase of “natto bacteria” in the body—increasing 40 billion times in just 16 hours. Concurrent intake of lactic acid bacteria with natto can also result in a 40 times increase in lactic acid bacteria. Moreover, studies have shown its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and O-157 in 3 to 4 days, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria while reducing harmful ones. However, natto is often avoided, especially by foreigners, due to its distinctive smell, slimy texture, and acquired taste. With the aim of sharing the wonderful effects of natto with the world, our company successfully pioneered the production of natto bacteria supplements in 1998. This allows individuals who may not enjoy natto to efficiently consume 'natto bacteria' and “nattokinase.” Our natto bacteria supplement, with a 70-year history and even used in pharmaceuticals, has reliable test results.



“Washoku” is the traditional Japanese dietary style that has played a significant role in contributing to Japan's reputation as a country with a long life expectancy. Washoku (Japanese food) offers various advantages, such as a well-balanced intake of nutrients, low fat content, and rich dietary fiber. However, one should not overlook the presence of fermented foods born in Japan, including miso, soy sauce, and natto. Among them, the “natto bacteria” found in natto can be considered part of traditional medicine that has been used as a folk remedy since a time when antibiotics were not available. Nevertheless, even in modern Japan, where dietary diversity is increasing, there is a growing number of health-conscious individuals wanting to balance their meals and lead a healthy lifestyle. Kensho’s natto bacteria supplement is manufactured based on the history and evidence of Japanese cuisine. It has become highly popular in Japan as a supplement that offers the benefits of natto in a more efficient and convenient way, allowing individuals to achieve optimal effects on their health.



Meticulously selected raw materials


Produced by a pharmacist


OEM production from small lots


Supplements that claim to boost the “strength of the immune system” are widely available, and many people regularly use them. However, for these supplements to effectively work, maintaining a healthy intestinal environment is very vital. Approximately 70% of immune cells associated with the immune system reside in the intestines. The intestines play a vital role in fighting pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, and they are considered the body's largest immune organ. If the intestines are healthy, it is possible to maintain a robust immune system. Conversely, if the health of the intestines is compromised, it can lead to a decline in immune function and various negative health effects. In other words, consuming natto bacteria supplements serves as a foundational step toward promoting health. The number and types of intestinal bacteria may vary among ethnic groups, but natto bacteria increase beneficial bacteria in a person's stomach. Therefore, the benefits obtained from such supplements remain consistent.

Our products

Nattokinase EX

Recommended for those who are particularly concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle! A luxurious combination of high-concentration nattokinase, it also includes natto bacteria that help increase beneficial bacteria in your stomach, along with human lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides to Bacillus natto, This combination guides your body to naturally produce the elements for a healthy and smooth flow. Furthermore, alfalfa supplies a lot of minerals and polyphenols and prepares the foundation for cell regeneration.


"I want to take both vitamins and minerals!" Therefore, we created tablets packed with the essence of the earth. Alfalfa contains 59 types of minerals, over 14 types of vitamins, over 19 types of polyphenols, and plenty of dietary fiber. (All ingredients are contained in natural alfalfa and are not additives) Maximize the power of prebiotics and use them to support nutrients that tend to be lacking. Especially appreciated by people who want to boost their motivation, enhance concentration and decision-making skills, and those who are worried about menopause.

Powdered Suppriment Momikko

Chairing unhulled rice Powder (Mamiko Powder) (Pesticides-free Rice) It is brown rice powder by milled millstone after charring unhulled rice. Slow Roasted organically hulled rice from Fukuoka with paddy Our secret blackened brown rice powder with hulled rice is made by utilizing the power of the paddy and has a good effect on health benefits as it warms the body. It’s been invaluable to improve circulation blood, diet support and detox. In addition black-roasted brown rice power, an effect of good quality silicon and enriched fiber including brown rice with paddy are able to improve health issues.

Chikuzen red rice black roasted tea

"I love fruits! I like sweets!" Popular among detox enthusiasts, our Detox Chikugo REd Rice Roasted Black Tea is a delightful choice. Simply pour hot water into a cup for an easy and enjoyable drink. Experience the gentle and satisfying taste that spreads in your mouth."

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    Company profile

    Company name Ken Sho Co., Ltd.
    Represidentative Masako Minoura
    Head office 1-2-1 Matsukondai, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka Prefecture 813-000,Jpan
    Established February 1968