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Fukuyama Kurozu was established on 2003 in Fukuyama Town, Kagoshima Prefecture, also known as the sacred ground for black vinegar, is in the southwestern part of Japan. Our company has consistently produce excellent products using traditional manufacturing methods and unique fermentation techniques. The brand name is “Kakuida.” The black vinegar, made from plenty of organic brown rice and aged for 3 to 20 long years, has an exceptional taste that dispels the conventional impression that black vinegar is difficult to drink. In addition, we have our own research laboratory based on our desire to “contribute to the Health of the World”, which has remained unchanged since our founding that led us to obtain the ISO 22000 certification in 2017. Along with its delicious taste, “Kakuida” is also characterized by its high functionality as a health food. At Fukuyama Kurozu, we use our unique fermentation technology to develop over 200 products, including not only black vinegar, but also craft beer, bread, supplements, and other products.

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Our black vinegar have various health and beauty benefits. It activates natural killer cells to boost the immune system, moderates the rise in blood sugar levels after meals, enhance antioxidant power, and contains 55 times more D-amino acids than rice vinegar which rejuvenates the skin. Clinical research tests revealed the power of black vinegar which provides a wide range of health benefits. Unlike supplements and medications, the ingredients are mainly organic, and there are no additives or fragrances, so even those who are particular about food safety can consume it with confidence. Our black vinegar dressing achieved a remarkable feat by being selected for ANA international flights' in-flight meals for four consecutive years.. The craft beer, which we started producing in 2016 by utilizing fermentation technology, has received high praise both domestically and internationally, including winning numerous awards.


Our products are mostly patronized by customers in their 40s and above, and are especially popular to those health-conscious individuals. Kakuida is one of the healthiest and easiest to drink black vinegars, so we recommend incorporating it into your morning routine. Since it contains a lot of amino acids, which are also components of umami, it is also used as a secret ingredient to give dishes a mellow finish. Dressings, steak sauce, and black vinegar snacks that go well with alcohol are also very popular, and have been featured numerous times in fashion magazines, women's magazines, and TV programs. In 2005, we opened Japan's first black vinegar restaurant, which include tours of pottery fields and a retail store. It is also famous as one of the largest tourist facilities in Fukuyama Town, visited by 250,000 people a year. We have also received JAS certifications which is a strict organic restaurant. We offer menus that are gentle on the mind and body using freshly harvested organic vegetables.




Traditional manufacturing method and unique fermentation technology


Meticulously selected healthy ingredients




Currently, we are exporting to eight countries, mainly in ASEAN and Europe. Affluent people who are concerned about their health often use black vinegar that has been aged for five years or more. Restaurant chefs use different types of black vinegar depending on the dish, so the ways to enjoy it vary depending on the country and culture. In countries with warmer climate, fresh fruit black vinegar made by pickling fresh fruit is also popular, and customers can choose from our product lineup of over 200 items to suit their preferences and regions.


Our products

Organic Kakuida Takara Aged for 5 years

The culmination of brown rice black vinegar "Kakuida". "The finest black vinegar..." The black vinegar chief brewer spent five years creating this vinegar. An excellent brown rice black vinegar created by Kakuida, which is particular about its raw materials and production methods. What's more, it has a gentle texture, rich aroma, and flavor that overturns the concept of black vinegar. The name "Takara" reflects the feelings of the master brewer, who has spent over 1,800 days caring for and protecting his treasures. It will be delivered in pottery prepared especially for "Kakuida Takara". Please enjoy this masterpiece of natural brewing by our master brewers.

Raw fruit black vinegar skyberry

Black Vinegar Skyberry, is a raw fruit that has been popular since its release. The secret to its deliciousness lies in the extravagant immersion of only the “three-star strawberry “Skyberry” In addition, it goes very well with the 3-year-aged organic black vinegar "Kakuida", crafted with dedication to production methods and ingredients by a black vinegar brewer. The mellow black vinegar, which is rich in amino acids, brings out the gorgeous aroma of strawberries. Enjoy the natural sweetness of strawberries and the "umami" of black vinegar Kakuida's rich amino acids.

Black vinegar baked donut brown sugar

We use brown sugar from Kagoshima Prefecture, 3-year aged black vinegar "Kakuida", and rice flour from Kyushu. Black vinegar baked donuts with a firm texture that are made with carefully selected ingredients and are not fried.

White koji sour

【Alc./4.5%】 This craft beer uses the same koji as shochu, a specialty of Kagoshima, and has a refreshing taste similar to white wine or citrus fruits. Recommended for Japanese cuisine and delicately seasoned dishes!
■ Awards ・International Beer Cup Bronze Award ・International Beer Cup 2023 Free - style Light Ale Style Bottle / Can Category Gold Award ・International Beer Cup 2023 Category Championship Award

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    Company profile

    Company name Fukuyama Kurozu Co., Ltd.
    Represidentative Shinsaku Tsumagari
    Head office 2888 Fukuyama, Fukuyama-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-4501,Japan
    Established April 2003